Wireguard Connection Monitoring Script For Dynamic IP

To ensure healthy bi-directional connection, Wireguard comes with "persistent keep alive" function for peers to ping the server regularly such that the server can reach the peer sitting behind a firewall. However, problems arise when the server has a dynamic IP.

Minecraft Mob Egg Drop Plugin for Spigot and Paper

This Minecraft Mob Egg Drop Plugin adds the ability for mobs to drop spawn eggs on death. The drop rate is customizable for each type of mobs. The plugin supports any servers with Bukkit API such as Spigot or Paper. Supported Servers: Spigot, Paper, etc. Tested Minecraft Version: 1.19.3

Minecraft Elytra Warning Plugin for Spigot and Paper

This Minecraft Elytra Warning plugin allows players to receive warning messages when Elytra durability is below a customizable preset value. Supports any server with Bukkit API: Spigot, Paper, etc. Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.19.3

AuthMe Wordpress Integration Plugin

AuthMe Reloaded is a popular Minecraft server plugin that provides authentication for offline servers. AuthMe Reloaded WordPress Integration plugin allows players to directly register an account on any WordPress pages by utilizing a simple shortcode to embed a registration form.

Minecraft Villager Inventory Plugin

This Minecraft villager inventory plugin for spigot and paper servers allows players to interact with villagers' inventory. Supports any server with Bukkit API: Spigot, Paper etc. Tested Minecraft Version: 1.19.3

Foscam F9821P V2 Control Script for Zoneminder

A Zoneminder control script for the Foscam F9821P V2 Camera that is modifed from F9821W. Tested fulling working with Zoneminder version 1.34

How to Setup Wireguard VPN Server On Windows

This tutorial goes through the process of setting up a Wireguard server on Windows. Most Wireguard tutorials on the internet only give you the choice of hosting a server in a Linux environment. However, it is very possible to setup a windows server.

M.2 NVME POST Error Code 97 Solution (PCIE Error on ASRock X99 Taichi & STRIX GTX 980)

In my past experience of assembling over 15 systems or so for friends and family I have seen some mind blowing bugs and error codes... This particular issue I've encountered with M.2 NVME drives with this particular motherboard blows all those stories out of the park.