This Minecraft villager inventory plugin for spigot and paper servers allows players to interact with villagers’ inventory.

Supports any server with Bukkit API: Spigot, Paper etc.

Tested Minecraft Version: 1.19.3

By default the villagers in vanilla Minecraft have 8 inventory slots. Prior to 1.16.1 only 4 stacks of the same item can occupy the villager’s inventory. However, since the 1.16 update the 8 slots can be filled with the same item without problem. I developed this Minecraft Villager Inventory Plugin to facilitate optimization automatic farms. For example, by occupying all 8 slots in a farmer with seeds, the farmer villager will no longer be able to pick up harvested wheat due to lack of inventory slots. This completely prevents the villager from making bread from harvested wheat and thereby maximizing the efficiency of automatic wheat farms. The usage are basically limitless, you can even use villagers as a storage unit for instance.


Installation: Place the jar file in the plugin directory. The config file will be generated automatically when the server starts.

Villagers’ inventory can be accessed when a player right clicks the villager while holding certain item (default is a stick but you can customize through the config file).

The config file includes two options:

Interactive-Material allows you to specify which item to allow the interaction. It is defaulted to STICK.Drop-On-Death configures whether items will dropped on villager death. The default is true.

Interactive-Material: STICK
Drop-On-Death: true

Refer to the Spigot API for a complete list of items you can use.

When players are not holding the specified item in hand normal trade panel and interactions are not affected.

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Credits: Part of the original code was adapted from bobtheblueberry

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