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Foscam F9821P V2 Control Script for Zoneminder

Zoneminder Control Script for F9821P V2

A Zoneminder control script for the Foscam F9821P V2 Camera that is modifed from F9821W. Tested fulling working with Zoneminder version 1.34.

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How to Setup Wireguard VPN Server On Windows

wireguard server for windows tutorial

This tutorial goes through the process of setting up a Wireguard server on Windows. Most Wireguard tutorials on the internet only give you the choice of hosting a server in a Linux environment. However, it is very possible to setup a windows server.

After searching for a tutorial to no avail, I spent a couple days to figure out the best way to do it and how to automate the process. Ideally you would still want to run it in an Linux environment, but if you have a use case for a windows server like me, you would appreciate just how flexible Wireguard is!


  • Latest Wireguard Windows Client installed (Download here from official site)
  • Setup firewall rules (just as you would for a Linux server setup: open and forward ports 51820, configure ddns etc)

Using Wireguard on Windows as server is not officially supported. Use at your own risk.

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Off-Grid Tiny House Project Resources

This page contains the resources that will be useful for projects in the future.



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M.2 NVME POST Error Code 97 Solution (PCIE Error on ASRock X99 Taichi & STRIX GTX 980)

ASRock Taichi Error 97In my past experience of assembling over 15 systems or so for friends and family I have seen some mind blowing bugs and error codes. I’ve also heard some pretty weird anecdotes about how computer will only post if you perform certain rituals. However, this particular issue I’ve encountered with M.2 NVME drives with this particular motherboard blows all those stories out of the park.

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LG G3 D852 Telus/Koodo Version Marshmallow Flashable Zip + Root

Due to popular demand I have created a flashable zip from the official firmware released on 2016 July 12th (Version MM 30G)

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