Minecraft Mob Egg Drop Plugin for Spigot and Paper

This Minecraft Plugin enables mobs to drop spawn egg based on individually customizable drop rates.

This Minecraft Mob Egg Drop Plugin adds the ability for mobs to drop spawn eggs on death. The drop rate is customizable for each type of mobs. The plugin supports any servers with Bukkit API such as Spigot or Paper.

Supported Servers: Spigot, Paper, etc.
Tested Minecraft Version: 1.19.3


Simply put the jar file in the plugin folder. The config file will be automatically generated on server start.

Download Minecraft Mob Egg Drop

Download latest release on GitHub

Source Code

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Previous Releases

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  1. Brooke

    How to edit drop rate?
    Give me commands, Im not the brightest

  2. DarkCynicism

    I would actually second this.
    An expanded config, along with an option to reload, would be nice.

  3. nikko

    Love the plugin, but i only want one person to have it on my server. Is there a way to configure this?