LG G3 D852 Telus/Koodo Version Rooting And TWRP Recovery Installation

The tutorial will walk you through the steps on how to properly root and install TWRP custom recovery on your Canadian Telus/Koodo LG G3 D852 (Also works for Bell/Rogers variants).

The common way to install TWRP on G3 is first to root the device and then use Autorec to install TWRP. This method is quick and dirty, but it can lead to problematic kernels which can break many functions (such as camera/phone not shutting down without battery pull) on your phone. This is why I strongly advise against using Autorec especially if you have the Telus/Koodo version of G3.

I will first explain the process behind rooting/bumping your phone, and why Autorec can cause potential problems. I will then walk you through the process of doing it properly.

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