LG G3 D852 Telus/Koodo Version Marshmallow Flashable Zip + Root

Due to popular demand I have created a flashable zip from the official firmware released on 2016 July 12th (Version MM 30G)

If you haven’t root/bump/TWRP already, read the tutorial here.

I will not be responsible if you brick your phone. Use this tutorial at your own risk. Read the entire tutorial before proceeding. 

How to use

To do a clean install:
Go into TWRP -> Wipe system/data -> Format system -> Flash the ROM zip.

To do an update without losing data/apps
Go into TWRP -> Flash the zip.

To get root

  • Flash my rooted boot.img (Remember to extract the zip file before flashing!)
  • Flash SuperSU V2.79 (You can flash this zip file directly)

If you an boot error, just flash the rooted boot.img again.
Only flash SuperSU V2.79 or above.

The only partitions that will be touched are the system and boot partitions. Bootloader and recoveries will not be touched, so after flashing to new ROM you can go back to TWRP and flash any custom zips!

I also provided a bumped boot.img on the side for those who want to use it with other Marshmallow custom ROMs like Fulmics.

If you want to get root for the stock ROM, you have to flash the rooted boot.img, then install SuperSU from play store. This is currently the only way to get root on official Marshmallow.

I don’t have time to remove the bloatwares yet. So if you removed the LG bloatwares previously, they will be back.


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  1. xpmule

    Worked.. MM + TWRP + ROOT.
    I used the other guide to downgrade then this one to upgrade back to MM.
    This i think is the only way we can do it right now.
    But it works !
    Thanks for the effort sharing all the info.
    If i didn’t stumble onto this i would be stuck with a stock phone.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Daniel Welsh

    Thanks for this

  3. Danny

    “You need to extract it first on computer then flash the boot.img file using TWRP”
    I had missed this step, and only got this to work once I came across this reply of yours. Thank you for your hard work!

  4. John Ham

    I successfully rooted my new (used) Telus G3 and installed TWRP following your previous tutorial. Thanks for that. However, after upgrading to Marshmallow following your instructions in this tutorial and losing root in the process, trying to re-root using your boot-rooted.img file by installing it using TWRP as you instruct yields the error: “Could not find META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary in the zip file.” A quick search online suggests that the boot.img can’t be installed by TWRP in this fashion; and that I need to use fastboot from my PC instead. Is this correct or am I missing something?

    Thanks, John

    1. hdlineage

      Hello John,
      The zip file I included is not flashable. You need to extract it first on computer then flash the boot.img file inside using TWRP (remember to flash the boot partition, not the recovery partition).