AuthMe WordPress Integration Plugin

AuthMe Reloaded WordPress Integration Plugin allows player to register directly on WordPress pages.

AuthMe Reloaded is a popular Minecraft server plugin that provides authentication for offline servers. However, one shortcoming is that there are very few tools for website integration. AuthMe Reloaded WordPress Integration plugin allows players to directly register an account on any WordPress pages by utilizing a simple shortcode to embed a registration form.


  1. AuthMe plugin with a MySQL database – this plugin does not touch the WordPress internal database. Instead, the original AuthMe database is used.
  2. Invisible reCaptcha Plugin (optional) – If you have the plugin installed, the registration form can be protected by Google Invisible Captcha in the settings page.

Download AuthMe Reloaded WordPress Plugin

Download Latest Release on GitHub


  1. Simply upload the .zip file in the WordPress Amin Console. You can also manually extract the zip file to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. After installation, plugin will appear in the list and can be activated.
Plugin will appear automatically after installation.

3. Once Activated you can navigate to Settings -> Minecraft AuthMe to configure the plugin

The settings page allows you to configure the plugin very easily.

Setting explanation:

Host: Link to mysql host
User/Pass: Credential to the database
Database: Name of the AuthMe database
Table: Name of the AuthMe Table

Invitation Code: Once set, players will need the code to register

Email Notification: Once set, email will be sent after successfull new registration.

Invisible ReCaptcha Integration: The only option is only available if you have the plugin installed. Once activated, the form will be protected by Google Invisible Captcha.

Welcome Message/Form Title: You can set custom texts here.

4. After configuration you can start embedding the form on any page using the shortcode:


View source code on Github

If you appreciate my work on the AuthMe WordPress Integration Plugin feel free to buy me a coffee:

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